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Amity VFB responded to a case of vehicular accident at CL Montelibano area, road going to La Salle around 11:20 pm, involving 1 motorcycle hitting a fixed object (tree).
2 patients: 1 trauma arrest and the other one with lacerated wound on the head (yellow code).
2 ambulance units were dispatched on scene and all transported to CLMMRH Hospital.

Photos by: 758

*** Safety tips for Motorcycle Rider: ***

The basic rule is never ride or drive if you drink
an alcoholic beverage & Always apply the
S. E. E. conncept of riding or driving.

S-Search for possible obstruction, accident factors on the road, and other reckless driver/rider.

E- Evaluate the situation and project possible result

E- Execute the best or safest manuever or action
Remember, never ride like a fool with fool’s gears instead FULL GEARS always :

* Helmet
* Close footwear
* Long pants
* Thick shirts for short distances
* Riding gears for long distance rides

Safety tips from:

Orville Ovie Villaflor
Bacolod Amity Riders Club &
Regional coordinator
Motorcycle Rights Organization

Author: 972



Safety Tips