In 1976, the Negros Occidental Filipino Chinese Amity Club, Inc., a civic club composed of Filipinos of Chinese descent, was organized with the primary objective of strengthening the relationship between the Filipinos and Chinese through direct involvement in improving the quality of life in the community.

After a study, the need to support the government effort in providing emergency services was identified.  Thus, in 1977, a year later, the Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade was born.

Recruitment and training of volunteers started immediately and a fire truck was also procured. During the graduation of the first batch of volunteer fire fighters in December 13, 1977, the Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade was officially launched.  From then on , the brigade continue to grow and improve to become what it is today.

As a non-government organization, the brigade exists and operates through donations from civic-minded citizens.  It is a 100% volunteer organization.  Its services are provided for free.  To maintain and improve its operation, the Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade needs your assistance.  Donation, be it monetary, equipment, training, and other forms are welcomed.

This is the seal of the Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade. The overall shape is an adaptation of the Maltese Cross. During the holy war, the Turks use boiling oil as a weapon against the crusaders. A group of crusaders organized themselves to assist those who were burned or scalded by these boiling oil. They were considered the first firemen and they were awarded the Maltese cross. The four outer orange arrows also signify that we go ‘everywhere’ (north, south, east, and west) to assist those who need our help. The year 1977 is the year the brigade was established. The Star of Life is a symbol for the Emergency Medical Services as well as the Rescue Services. The hat represents the Fire Services. The handshake of with the Filipino and the Chinese Flag carry forth the objective of the mother club which is to foster better friendship and understanding between the Filipino and Chinese people.

A Brief History

October 1977

The proposal to organize a volunteer fire brigade and the initial group of volunteers were presented to the City of Bacolod during its Charter Day celebration.   Witnessing this occasion were the late Mayor Rey Dizon, Ambassador Ke Hua, and the Provincial PC/INP head, Col. Renato de Villa.

December 1977

The graduation of the first batch of volunteer firefighters.

January 1978

The first fire engine of the Brigade, a brand new IH Fire Truck, arrived in Bacolod City.

October 1979

The brigade’s second fire engine was commissioned. It is an IH “Striker” Fire Truck designed and built by the brigade.

January 1980

The first IH Fire Truck was sold to AALPI Fire Brigade. To replace the unit, a brand new HINO KR Chassis Cab truck was purchased and converted into a fire engine.

December 1980

The second group of volunteers completed the “Basic Fire Fighting” course.

December 1981

The third group of volunteers completed the “Basic Fire Fighting” course.

October 1982

The brigade organized the first and only Dragon Dance Team and participated in the Masskara Festival of the city.

January 1983

The brigade joined and affiliated with the Philippine Association of Volunteer Fire Brigade.

November 1984

The officers of the brigade attended the General Conference of the International Fire Chief Association of Asia (IFCAA) held in Manila.

December 1987

The fourth batch of volunteer fire fighters completed their “Basic Fire Fighting” course.

October 1988

A Fire Tanker unit was added to the fleet of the brigade. This unit was donated by GAISANO Bacolod.

October 1990

A second Fire Tanker was donated to the brigade by Mr. Antonio “Kaya” Uy.

June 1991

The fifth batch of volunteers completed their “Basic Fire Fighting” course.

March 1992

An ambulance was added to the Brigade’s fleet of emergency vehicles.

July 1992

The volunteers completed their “Rescue Technicians Course” training.

November 1992

The IH “Striker” Fire Engine was sold to Asian Alcohol Corporation. In its place, a used FUSO Fire Engine was purchased, refurbished, and redesigned to meet local requirements.

December 1992

The brigade celebrated its 15th Anniversary with a motorcade and a demonstration.

April 1993

The volunteers visited Cebu City hosted by The Cebu Filipino-Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade.

March 1994

The brigade joined the 2nd National Fire Olympics conducted by the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigade in Manila.

April 1995

The brigade hosted the 3rd National Fire Olympics held in Bacolod City.

September 1995

Tanker One, a Hyundai 10-wheeler tanker with a capacity of 18,000 liters was acquired.

December 1995

The EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES for the City of Bacolod was officially launched. This occasion also marked the graduation of the 1st batch of EMTs.

April 1996

The brigade won as the OVERALL CHAMPION in the 4th National Fire Olympics conducted in Cebu City.

June 1996

Medic Two, a brand new L300 Ambulance was commissioned into service. This unit was donated by the Northern and Southern Negros Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Inc.

Tanker Three, the third tanker with 18,000 liters capacity was donated to the brigade by Mr. Lucio Tan.

December 1996

The Brigade received the NATIONAL VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIGADE OF THE YEAR AWARD from the Bureau of Fire Protection.

May 1997

The 2nd batch of volunteers completed the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic course.

July 1997

Five volunteer fire fighters were badly burned while fighting fire at a Garage located at Banago, Bacolod City.

July 1998

The 3rd batch of volunteers completed the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic course.

October 2000

Actively participated in the Airport Crash Preparedness counducted by the Air Transportation Office.

June 2001

The 4th batch of volunteers completed their Emergency Medical Technician-Basic course.

November 2001

The 7th batch of volunteers completed the Basic Fire-fighting course.

December 2001

Conducted a raffle draw to raise funds for the operation of the brigade. The first prize, a Nissan 4×2 Pick up was won by Mr. Antonio “Kaya” Uy.



As The Brigade Turned One Year Old Back in 1978

This articles was lifted from the 1st Anniversary Yearbook of the Brigade.



Our brigade being one year old is only in its infancy. Like many organizations in its infancy, the brigade encountered problems related to its birth. Some of the problems were internal while many were externally caused.   However, with the necessary dedication and devotion of its members plus the solid support given by its mother organization, the Negros Occidental Filipino Chinese Amity Club, Inc., we were able to solve most of the problems.

As we move into the second year of our existence, we will bring along with us the immeasurable riches of our experiences in the first year. And as our experience grow, we will be better, more competent, and as always… ready to serve.

Joining the brigade has been very rewarding. We have problems, but we too have our share of fun. We dance, we play, we make new friends. We learn to adjust to people. We learn to trust and be trusted. We share our joy as well as our sorrow. But most rewarding of all is the feeling that we have shared, that we have helped, that we are useful.

The brigade was organized, not to created conflict, not to compete with other organizations, but to foster better amity and friendship between the Filipino and Chinese people. Through the brigade, the Chinese, the Chinese-Filipino, and the Filipino people were able to join one another, work hand-in-hand for the good of all.

To those who have supported the brigade in one way or another, we would like to express our deepest thanks. Our existence would not have been possible without your support. And as the brigade continues to exist, it will continue to need your support.

We, the brigade, pledge to do our best to be worthy of your support.

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